Cross-country skiing / skating, Vercors and Coulmes

Coulmes ski resort, at only 3 minutes from the gîte des Rimets.

Cross-country skiing*
Runs only for cross-country skiing are traced in both styles: classic and skating. You will be able to start on skis from the col de Romeyère or from the “parking des Près”, 1km away from the gîte.

Multi-activities runs*
For a quiet discovery of the massif des Coulmes, multi-activities runs were created. They are for all un-motorized methods of locomotion.

*All the Coulmes’s runs are paying in order to take part to their maintenance and securing.

To welcome you, the resort of the Coulmes offers a panel of services at the Col de Romeyère:
  • Rent of material: downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoes, sledges.
  • Picnic rooms, catering,
  • Ski lessons (individual or in groups), many entertainments, aid station.

Runs are secured during the opening hours.

Be respectful of the others and of the nature by being discreet and by not throwing anything away. 


Ski de fondSki resorts of Méaudre, Autrans and Villard de Lans/Corrençon:Lans/Corrençon :

Pour varier les plaisir et découvrir d'autres paysages, vous pouvez skier sur les plus prestigieux domaines du Vercors, tous situés à moins de 40 minutes du gîte des Rimets !




Villard de Lans

70km of slopes
at 20km (30 min)
from the gîte

130km of slopes
at 27km (34 min)
from the gîte

110km of slopes
at 20km (35 min)
from the gîte

110km of slopes
at 20km (35 min)
from the gîte


Diaporama des pistes des Coulmes :

Round itineraries for the day

Name Departure Lenght Diff. in height Duration Min/max alt. Level
Le Belvédère, Le Refuge, Barraque Bonnard Le Belvédère 17 Km 400 m 2 hours 1158 m / 1454 m Experienced
Boucle Les Prés / Patente Les Prés 17 Km 550 m 2 hours 1157 m / 1431 m Experienced
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