Pont en Royans’s Water Museum

The Pont en Royans’s Water Museum is an audacious, playful, scientific, cultural and educational facility dedicated to water in any form whatsoever. Vercors waters, World water, poetic and vital water,…the subject, object of this museum seems to be endless…

Audacious and visionary, this invitation to the discovery of water is dedicated to the inhabitants of the region and to the tourists who like original places. This concept is innovator and contemporary for the interactive character of its exhibitions as well as for its architecture that will be appreciated by adults and children, as well as specialists, students and teachers.

This place was imagined by Andrea BRUNO. Light and fluent museography; everything was intended by the architect to surprise and captivate the visitor from the entrance conducing him as a drop to the hall in which he will go from a temperate climate to polar and tropical ones.

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