Vercors Resistance Memorial

In the Vercors, the memory of the battle of the Vercors is still in the mind of people who lived these moments. But a site was needed for remembrance and empowerment.

This is why a project was created : Historical National Site of Resistance in Vercors. It is an incitement to understand better what was actually played out there.

« L’Association Nationale des Pionniers et Combattants Volontaires du Vercors » (The National Association of Volunteer Pioneers and Combatants out of Vercors), founded in November 1944, has supporter the Regional Natural Park of Vercors in the establishment of this project.

The Memorial Resistance is the focus point of a trail to discover, in the whole Vercors Massif, the particular sites where these events took place and to understand better what was actually played out there.

Inaugurated on the 21st of July for the fiftieth anniversary of the battle of the Vercors, the Memorial was created in memory of the tragic events of the Vercors region. It pays tribute to the man and women who fought for freedom. Far from any buildings alongside cliffs situated in the parish of Vassieux-en-Vercors, a village honored by the title of « Compagnon de la Libération », the chosen site overlooks the whole of the massif and the battlefield.

In the midst of pine and juniper trees, this building is as concealed as the men and women who took refuge underground.

Upon arrival, the visitor is therefore plunged into the atmosphere of the Maquis of the Vercors.

The architecture is keeping with the natural and historic site :
  • The building is built in the ground and follows the flow of the land and its contour lines; its roof is covered of vegetation.
  • An imposing presence, it uses concrete to recall the image of the Vercors as a fortress with its limestone cliffs.

Of course, I invite you to surf on the Vercors Resistance Memorial’s website, and of course to go visit it.
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