The Sensitive Natural Zone of the Ecouges

Forests, cliffs, waterfalls, chamois and birds

Marked out on both sides by the natural Vercors’s cliffs, the site of the Ecouges houses forests of majestic trees – beeches, maples, and fir trees -, waterfalls, rivers, and breathtaking high viewpoints on the Isere plains.

ENS des Ecouges
Located at 10 minutes by car from the gîte des Rimets, the site of the Ecouges is representative of the mountain forest essentially composed of beeches, maples, fir trees and ravines. With a surface area of 918 hectare, the site of the Ecouges goes from 880 to 1600 meters of altitude; its natural wealth is due to the different reliefs and environments (cliffs, meadows, clearings…) but also to the several springs. 
A site for walking, observation and admiration :
With some luck and especially a lot of discretion and patience, you may observe in the forests or in the clearings chamois and forester birds woodpeckers (great spotted woodpeckers and/or black woodpeckers).
Higher, at the level of alpine pastures, thanks to a clear view, maybe will you be flown over by a golden eagle looking for marmots. More than 70 species of birds and around twenty species of mammals live on this territory!
This site has a potential of interpretation and awareness to an outstanding environment: various ecosystems (fauna and flora) ecological cross-cutting themes (hydrologic cycle, geology, countryside, and renewable energies), a cultural heritage and pastoral and silvicultural activities. 
  • Flora : Lilium martageau, Whorled Solomon's-seal, dog's mercury, pale St. John's-wort, Aconitum variegatum, deer fern, Small-leaved Helleborine, lady’s slipper orchid
  • Fauna : Chamois, deer, marmot, golden eagle, circateus gallicus, black grouse, ghazel grouse, woodcock, pygmy owl, Alytes maurus, Alpine triton, greater mouse-eared bat, horseshoe bat
  • Housing : beech grove, fir tree plantation, maples
  • Historical heritage : vestiges of the former Chartreuse (1116), convents ruins, oratory known as « Versou », Chapel
ENS des EcougesENS des EcougesEspace Naturel Sensible des Ecouges
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